Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I speak with a nurse after hours?

A: Yes, for our Kern Family Health Care Patients, you can call 1-800-391-2000 and for our other patients you can call 1-800-414-5860.

Q: Which is the best/closest urgent/E.R. care to go to?

A: At our Old River Location we recommend The Pedi-Center urgent care located at 9900 Stockdale Hwy, and Mercy South West E.R. located at 400 Old River Road. At our 34th St. location we recommend Memorial Urgent Care located at 3838 San Dimas Suite 100 and Memorial E.R. located at 420 34th St.

Q: How long does an authorization take?

A: Gemcare routine 7-10 days. Kern Family Health Care 2 weeks.

Q: Can I get my child’s medication without coming in to see the doctor?

A: Yes, if your child has been seen in our office at least once within the year; however, keep in mind that this is subject to change depending upon the medication.

Q: How long does it take to call in a medication?

A: A refill will usually take about 48 hours, depending on the time we received the call. A new prescription will take about 24 hours if you were seen the same day.

Q: How long does it take to send out or receive medical record

A: It usually takes up to 2 weeks to get them in or send them out. However, we do try to get it done sooner.

Q: Can I pay a bill over the phone?

A: Yes, we will gladly accept credit card payment over the phone, just give our billing department a call at (909) 992-0330.

Q: Does my child need to be seen before being referred to a specialist?

A: Yes, if your child has not been seen for that medical problem.

Q: If my child was seen in the urgent care/E.R. for a fracture, do I need to bring him/her in for a referral to ortho?

A: No. However, due to the many steps that are needed, we ask that you call the office and speak with the referral coordinator in order to expedite the referral.

Q: When should I bring my newborn in for his/her first visit?

A: Your doctor will let you know upon examining your newborn in the hospital, but usually it’s 3-5 days after the baby is born.

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: If you find that you can’t pay your balance in full, please call our billing department at 661-663-4716.

Q: Can I get billed for my co-pays?

A: Unfortunately, no. Co-pays are due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.

Q: Do I need to do anything to pre-register the baby with your office before he/she is born?

A: No, just notify the hospital that you have found a pediatrician and they will notify us when the baby is born.

Q: When should I add my newborn to my insurance?

A: Parents are advised to add the child to the insurance immediately and to contact their employer’s human resource department and insurance company regarding newborn enrollment time requirements and qualifications.

Q: How long does it take to enroll my newborn in my insurance?

A: The enrollment process usually takes up to 4 weeks; however, you should contact your insurance company to verify.

Q: What insurances do you take?

A: We take most Private insurances, GEMCARE HMO, and Kern Family Medi-Cal.

Q: How much notice do I need to give to cancel my appointment?

A: All appointments must be canceled within 24 hours of the appointment, with the exception of ANY behavioral appointments, which need to be cancelled 72 hours prior to the appointment.

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